Moviestar Planet Hack – Free Starcoins No Survey

August 7th, 2016

moviestar planet hack tips and tricks

Have you been trying to find MovieStarPlanet Compromise to get free vip and need to utilize it get starcoins and gemstones? Then you might be at the web site that is greatest. We’re here to assist you creating sources that are free . This sport was started back last year, within quite short time period it became among the greatest match Because its start. This sport is less unpopular in types age varying between 8 to 16 and several grown-ups too love to perform with moviestarplanet. Because this sport is a super-hit in children with utilizing Moviestarplanet VIP Account that will be available to purchase from your web shop of the moviestarplanet several of them need to update it. But several children do n’t have the cash to invest it or to purchase gemstones or moviestarplanet starcoins so they constantly need to compromise moviestarplanet utilizing different hints accessible online to crack into the sport. Now we’re discussing among the finest free of cost way to crack in to moviestarplanet without investing a penny, Therefore Lets get started..

Moviestarplanet Hack Guide Describes How to Make it Work

– 2Step Validation Procedure an option may be triggered to carry on farther.

– As Soon As you finish the switch may be used to obtain the device As it is possible to notice the get started today.

-Today you are going to land on moviestarplanet compromise instrument that is fundamental.

-Input your desired quantity of msp account span and assets.

-click Create !! Today you are able to view procedure is hacked by the whole moviestarplanet vip on the display.

Today log-in with computer or your device back and accessibility the vip account that is superior.

This can be how truly our moviestarplanet system functions to create gemstones and starcoins utilizing msp vip account, you may also reveal this technique with your family and friends who loves to perform the sport but don’t have adequate cash or don’t need to devote cash on the game. This really is quite straightforward 6 Measures procedure which may be used by anyone who h AS basic understanding of smart phone or pc and desire to perform with the moviestarplanet.

What would be the top features of MSP Compromise Device?

MSP compromise device h-AS several features added with this specific new edition, we at sharpdownloads are additionally have a committed staff who manages all the upgrades associated with our on-line msp crack As their game being updated by programmers at moviestarplanet quite often. You are able to under locate away among the better attributes you’ll get in secrets which are unavailable anyplace otherwise online. Our on-line application which operates perfectly at any given time of the day has been also beta-tested by us. Routine care is made by us and request our visitors to distribute the responses and discuss around the issues players are having while creating the gift-certificate codes that are moviestarplanet. We are in possession of a talk help added on the site that’ll direct you through the procedure while creating gemstones and the infinite starcoins in the sport. You simply wants to make certain so a suitable moviestarplanet present signal may be created for your consideration that fill away first information on the payoff kind. Our program utilizes when it finds fraudulent customers or Internet Protocol address if you put in particulars that are bogus then our method may possibly request that you finish individual proof that will be akind of safety attribute. S O without waiting farther allows jump into the attribute checklist of msp hack.

-We supply our program which stops any malfunctions or insects in the method with routine on period upgrades.

-Our system is on line you aren’t requested to down-load any such thing from our web site. S O apparatus or your computer may be secure while utilizing compromise instrument that is msp.

– If you utilize moviestarplanet machines which are really trojans that may destroy your existence right away Your account may be risk-free with our program.

– you are able to utilize our program to get friends and family or fam’s consideration together with free moviestarplanet membership to your own accounts.

-Our method helps APPLE MACINTOSH, PC, Android, iOS, Windows Products, put it to use on apparatus you enjoy.

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– – Moviestarplanet package may be supplied to every customer who reveal our web site with family and your friends.

MoRe Sources And Moviestarplanet Tips Manuals Methods You May Use

If you research on the yahoo about moviestarplanet suggestions and lead it is possible to locate several sources which have become of good use to utilize them in to the sport which are recorded as below..

The best way to raise your moviestarplanet recognition ?

As you understand you are going to want recognition in the sport for several superior features to be stimulated s O how do you raise your popularity ? This can be a response inquire additional to offer an autograph to you as well as in replacement you’ll be able to do this manner it is possible to substantially raise your popularity in the sport to the sam-e.

Request other movie stars to view your pictures and price them this is likewise among the concealed technique for increament of recognition.

You can also request additional movie stars check your account and reveal some information on you and to consider your chamber. It’s possible for you to rewrite the wheel of popularity it could set you back some gemstones but in addition, it h-AS the greater probability of acquiring mo-Re recognition.

The best way to get starcoins that is free ?

If you see additional moviestar’s pictures you then may bring in some starcoins additionally if your looks are bought by additional movie stars then you are going to make some starcoins.

It’s possible for you to play with up some games like dress, catwalk, mo-Re starcoins to be gained by polls in chat room .

And eventually you will be given largest moviestarplanet supporter of starcoins in the sport by getting VIP.

S O closing decision, Utilize cheats instrument and our free compromise without investing a penny and get vip at no cost along with starcoins and all the gemstones.

Pokemon Go GPS tricks on Android smartphones and iPhone: how and where to catch the pokemon falsifying your position on the map

July 24th, 2016

pokemon go tips and tricks

What are the best tips and tricks to catch Pokémon? Here’s how to earn points by using the GPS position and some weaknesses of colored Japanese monsters.

Pokemon Go hack is a downloadable game for both iPhone and for Android smartphones. You can play from any device with Android 4.4 or greater KitKat operating system, or on iOS 8 and later. But what are the tips and secrets to become proficient gamers of Pokémon Go?

To win, it is essential to apply and test different game strategies, but also take advantage of tricks and secrets revealed by the network . What are we talking about? For example you can avoid to travel the world with a very simple trick, which one? Just download a simple app to spoof the GPS location of your Android smartphone. This method will allow you to win and earn more points without making a long way. Capture new monsters on Pokemon Go hack will be very simple. Here is one of the tricks used by players: activate by developer settings on your Android smartphone entering ‘ Settings> About device ‘, simply tap 7 times (in jargon ‘tap’) the name of the build installed on your device to open ‘ developer Settings> Positions Dummy On. ‘ Now I need four important tools to always keep with you during the game, can be downloaded from the Play Store: Location Mock , Mock Locations Hide , Xposed Framework  (from, Fake GPS Locations . Once downloaded and downloaded apps, not start them, just open Xposed Framework; reboot your Android smartphone, will be enabled in the module by selecting ‘ Pokemon Go hack’, then it will proceed to set the preferred location by Fake GPS Location.

Here instead we show you other simple but useful tricks to catch more Pokemon and get more possible points:


To find out if there are monsters on Pokemon Go hack around just properly read the traces left on the trail by little green monsters. In fact the streets to find out where they hide are two. The first is precisely check the marks left on the ground: if there are three, most likely the pokemon are very far from the area where you are, if the track is only one, fuochino … pokemon might be right behind you! One of the tricks to find out if the monsters are just a few steps away from you is to access the closest pokémon list; Once we get close to the monster latter, on the screen will flash like to be recognized. Simple, right?


One other trick very useful to avoid having to travel too far from home is what allows you to take advantage of a weakness of the beloved colored monsters, the ‘ Aroma . You are surrounded by men in Pokemon no time … even in your home! I recommend, however, any kind of trick will be blocked from Nintendo, the company does not in fact admits falsified accounts. So it is good to take more precautions if you do not want to be banned from Pokemon Go.

Hay Day – Tips and Tricks / Tutorial

May 24th, 2016

hay day tips and cheats

In the game ” Hay Day ” to play a farmer who has to care for his own farm. At the beginning of the game is to take care especially to his farming and planting and harvest some plants. Later you can also own animals keep and throughout the game you try as much as possible to complete orders, serve customers and get rid of its products on the market to make money.

The more you achieve, the higher you climb in his level and it is never boring, so to speak. For those who play the free game and I have here are the most important tips is written.

Following are tips to watch for

With Hay Day can sell its products in various ways, while there are ways in which you get more money than others. First of all, should be, for example, serve the customers who come in person because they pay the most.

when you have a lot of friends in their contact list at “Hay Day hack tool” and diligently develop these their farms, then you can more quickly raise money, because you can act with the friends.

Find treasure and open
are found from time to time on his treasure and foreign territory. The more friends you have, the more territory there, can be found on the chests with gifts.

Sell NO eggs
When you open the newspaper, then you realize quickly want to advertise 90% of players out there and sell what product: eggs. Specializing you best on any other product.

Specialize in some products
, if you have the same products in the newspaper advertise regularly, which can be found there rarely and you then are offering something cheaper, then you get fast followers who will buy your products regularly.

Wait and see the decorations
decorations are quite expensive in the game Hay Day and bring a no money. Initially one should therefore refrain from decorations and later when you have left too much money you can buy this.

Collect building material
construction material is very hard to get in the game and can be collected exclusively or very rarely bought from other players.The material is required for the expansion of the warehouse and the silo, which is very important.


May 14th, 2016

boom beach mega crab tips and tricks

The game Boom Beach, in the wake of Clash of Clans has become a real success in the Apple app store. This is the typical game that we can conquer a territory to carry out attacks with our troops and getting more resources to improve our base and defend it against our enemies. We’ll have to get gold, diamonds, wood and stone to enhance our troops and our base. The game is free, but obviously we can buy certain items in the game to move forward much faster.

How can we advance Boom Beach much faster without having to toil away any real money?

  1. Updating our base buildings can take hours, but in the meantime we can go attacking enemy bases with our troops. Even if we lose troops, we can always train new despite being leveling up a building. You must pay attention to when updates end to start new ones.
  2. We can cut the trees of our island currency exchange. Increase timber production is one of the most important things we have to do in Boom Beach cheats. We have several ways to get it: With our sawmill, capturing some island to provide us with this resource, or cutting down the trees of our island. Priority is to get as much wood as possible.
  3. Must be improved as soon as possible our headquarters to access new troops, buildings and improvements in other buildings.
  4. Do not spend like crazy diamonds. Are best left for important occasions. Nothing spend to train the troops as soon as possible or improving a building immediately.
  5. Be explored as quickly as possible the environment around us. To do this you must increase the level of your radar. The more you explore, the more islands we can attack and therefore get more gold, wood and medals. Gold costs unlock these areas, but surely find more gold to.
  6. Do not miss troops silly. Boom Beach gives you the ability to see the face of your enemy before attacking. Use this option and decide if you can win without problems.
  7. When you attack an island, no need to remove all its defenses. It is often better to go directly to the main building. When we have destroyed, we will have won the battle.
  8. How can we get free diamonds Boom Beach? In addition to that we find in chests on the map, they overcome certain achievements give us a certain amount of diamonds. Also we get when successfully defend our base from enemy attack.
  9. We must defend our island well. Every time we lose a battle on our island, we will lose resources. It is important to see the battles we lose to see what are the weaknesses of our defenses. Needless to say, it is best to put the furthest from the beach headquarters possible and surround buildings and defenses.
  10. The buildings and defenses Boom Beach can be moved from site. A good strategy is to put on some levels a row of mines first, then the buildings, sawmill, houses etc … then finally defenses and headquarters. Boom Beach troops attacked default to the first building: better be a house. While attacking the house, our defenses can be primed with the enemy.
  11. We must improve our troops and landing craft from time to time. Study well the characteristics of each troop: some soldiers better withstand gunfire. Others have better firepower. Depending on the island you go to attack the troops can change free of charge in most
  12. When we attacked the buildings of an island and destroy them, we get ammunition to our ship can fire the cannon. Sometimes it is interesting destroy the buildings before the defenses. The more buildings destroy more enemy headquarters weakened.
  13. Improves the production of your buildings creating statues. These statues can be constructed by stones or fragments of life, ice, magma, darkness that we collect during the game. The easiest to get are those of life. The ice, magma and darkness are rarer.
  14. Beware fill the store wood, stone or gold. When they are full you can no longer buy up more resources and need to level up your facilities.
  15. Remember to improve your troops and weapons from time to time. For this you will need to have built an armory, and go level raising it to access further improvements.
  16. The Island of Dr. Terror appear on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is a good opportunity to get fragments or rare stones.
  17. If you manage to take possession of the barracks Hammerman, you will get a good amount of resources. The more you explore, the more barracks find.
  18. If you see that you are losing a battle, withdraw as soon as possible to avoid losing all your troops and then having to pay gold to retrieve them.
  19. We must build a good camera. With it we can protect our resources (gold, wood, iron or stone) attacks on our island. It will also protect a percentage of the resources that are out of it. You have to level up the building as soon as possible to improve protection.
  20. The more you play you will advance faster.

Latest Agario Tips and Tricks For Newbies

May 10th, 2016

agario tips and tricks for grow bigger

Today I’m going to learn a few tips, tricks, and strategies for the famous game Agario. I play it about 3 months and have been pretty good in there. People find this stupid game, just because they are not particularly good. With these tips, tricks, and strategies will your game statistics  beginning (just spawned).

First, you’ll probably think I must as soon as possible to grow up. And that is not so! The important thing is that you first get in around 250 mass, this is done simply by eating food that just is not living cells.

2. Once 250/300 mass removed Now you have accumulated 250 to 300 mass, the real fun can begin. Other people eat!You are trying other cells to eat about 50 to 70 mass by splitting their. (space) do this on until you have about 400 mass.

3. Another 400 mass removed You are big enough to the ‘bastard’ say play from the server. You’re going to let people split into 16 pieces by a virus shooting at them off. You go looking for people about 1.5 times bigger than you, who are in the vicinity of viruses.

Once you seven massage balls have been shot in a virus (w = mass ball shooting), there will be a 2nd virus and will thus be fired in the direction where you are in your lap. (In your prey so). Now’ve been trying to eat its small mass balls and if you have enough inside you can also eat other big piece. Now normally almost stand in the leader board.

4. You continue to eat with other people you now continues, with the launching of viruses people you just can not eat to when you have 2,000 Mass.

5. Find a player that is slightly larger than you now need to find another player, but why? Well, the game is much more fun and easier if you could teaming with someone. For example, you’re the one who eats people by slitting their, and then your little piece indicates your teammate sending him back to you you reach the leaderboard in hack 🙂

More tips: Stay behind viruses if you are split into two pieces, you’re a much easier prey for the bigguys if you are in two pieces! Try to split as much as possible, try for example, consider corn to honor someone. (lock in a corner).

Continue as far as possible away from the bigger players. I hope you with these tips, tricks, and strategies have helped! PS: I have inserted a lot of time, research, etc … Sincerely, ya boy XMD :-

Clash Royale: how to create a good clan

April 18th, 2016

Clash Royale: how to create a good clan


Joining a clan ** Clash Royale can make the difference between progress at normal speed or progress very fast, although many prefer to set our own rules and that is to create your own clan. So today we give you some tips for creating a good guild in Supercell game:

  • Establish rules and a number of trophies to enter . Perhaps those rules should not be very hard when we believe the clan to attract people, but it is clear that we need to establish a set of guidelines to progress as a clan. That is to establish a language, a minimum number of trophies, minimum daily, weekly or monthly … donations to consumer tastes.
  • Donate the maximum number of possible letters . The advantages of donating cards are many, and amass a good amount of gold, receive letters ourselves, or simply help other players progress in the game. In addition to offering advantages, it will show that we are committed to the clan.
  • Interacting with the other members of the clan . Nobody likes being in a clan where the boss never appears or not talk to anyone, so it is important to maintain good communication with players that will be coming together. It is not an obligation, but if we have a good clan, we have to interact with other members.
  • Share the games we play . Share repetition is always a very positive point facing forward in the game. It will help us improve our strategies correcting errors, as well as help novice players to advance. You can learn both the good and with bad games.

With our new clan established, all that remains is to get down to work and play, so do not forget to go through the rest of our guides of Clash Of Clans.


Battleborn Product Code Generator

April 2nd, 2016

Battleborn Product Code Generator


Welcome guys! Today we have something special for you ! Battleborn Product Code Generator was released ! Now you can play this newest and best game without pay enything for it. Our keys are unique and can not be reused!

How it’s possible?

Battleborn Product Code Generator is a computer program that allows you to generate game activation key for Battleborn, with this cd key [giveaway] you can activate and download Battleborn any time, our cd key generator is very easy to use and a little child would know how to use it.

You can redeem lots of Battleborn Product Key for you, your friends and your family. This application is safe because we’ve implemented our new security system named SafeGuard v6.1 so, you must no worry about the security of this tool.


Battleborn Product Code Generator Features:

This method works for all countries!  It does not matter if you are from America, Asia, Australia, Europe or Russia. Download your Copy now to enjoy your Battleborn game.

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This tool works fine on all platforms. So, you can get lots of Battleborn Keys by using our Battleborn Product Code Generator. You can redeem lots of Keys/Codes for you, your friends and your family.

How to use Battleborn Product Code Generator :

1.Download and Instal Battleborn Product Code Generator.exe. Open it.

2.Choose the Platform for which you want to generate the key.

3.Press “GENERATE CD-Key” button.

4.That’s it! The process should take about one minute.

5.Go to Redeem your Code and Enjoy!


Piano Tiles 2 Tips and Tricks

March 29th, 2016



Piano Tiles 2 (Do not tap the white tile 2!) Is the sequel to the popular series on google play and app store free!
as the Piano Tiles 1 Tiles 2 Your goal in this one, which is a dedicated music stepper, is to get as high a score as you can on various songs, mostly of classical music, allowing you to win coins and unlock new songs.

Download Piano Tiles 2

If you did not try this amazing game, then you can download it from the link below.

Piano Tiles 2 for Android

Piano Tiles 2 for iOS.

Piano Tiles 2 tip and tricks

1. Mode or without “all”!

In endless mode you will play the same song, but with different stages, at speeds that are constantly increasing and increasing. You can find pieces from time to time too, so press the tile gold to collect the room. You can also drag a tile to another, as your shot will register on all the black tiles (and gold), but no white tiles.

2. Learn to play using two fingers.

When I started playing the piano tiles on my Nexus “smartphone google”, I’m using one finger. Obviously you are slower so if you use one, so the best thing you can do is to control the use of two fingers or thumbs or fingers of the index. Inches are actually an option only if you play on an iPhone or Android, but if you can lay it flat, the index may be a better choice. My strategy is pretty simple when it comes to optimizing the tapping: I left with my finger tapping the tiles on the first two lines (left) and the right one is left to the last two.

3. Remove ads

Tired of those annoying advertisements in the game? Just turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone or Android phone and enjoy Piano Tiles 2 without annoying banners!

4. Do not try to beat the top scores on the leaderboards!

The best players with seemingly impossible scores on the leaderboards are players who pirated the game and their scores Piano tiles are not real. Obviously, you can not beat these players (who use tools simply modify their high scores) Use common sense and perhaps completely ignore these high scores and compete with just your group of friends.

5. Earn more money

After getting a few coins, make sure to save them to be used to unlock a variety of new songs For more parts, you can replay the songs you’ve already beaten it.

6. Watch videos Ad for Diamonds

Now you’re probably wondering why we ask you again to watch advertising videos to unlock new songs. Indeed, there are some songs that can only be unlocked by paying diamonds. Continue to watch videos until you miss, and if you wish, you can also connect your game to Facebook for easy ten diamonds. Once you have more videos, wait a few hours and you’ll have more available to watch at any time.


Piano Tiles 2 Hall of record!

Galaxy S7 Edge in the test: Design to perfection and new Android Benchmark King

March 25th, 2016

Galant and noble, but also computationally powerful and easy to be a smartphone in 2016th The screen needs to be large, eventually the phone is now a minor matter; Multimedia and Apps dominate our daily lives. The phone must also slide smoothly into your pocket and just cool to the touch. A major challenge therefore for the engineers of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but in fact the Koreans have created the current best Android phone on the market of a good smartphone. By you can film under water and even a cola Bad survives.

The S7 Edge is thanks to its Exynos 8890 in combination with 4 GiByte RAM not only a powerhouse that in AnTuTu Benchmark almost twice as many points brings as its direct predecessor, the Galaxy S6 Edge +. It feels simply good. The eponymous display rounding is still a bit more successful in the smartphone slides despite its 5.5-inch displays easily into your pocket and buckles this fail to happen. Where the competition operates with margins relatively thick, which make the device bulkier than necessary appear, Samsung combines a very bright and with 533 ppi beautiful sharp display with a body, which makes the device smaller and narrower than an iPhone 6S Plus or LG appear G4 , 5.5 inches is a good size, feels better than the Extreme Edge dwarf (5.1 inches) and Edge + -Riese (5.7 inch) and gives the Koreans the possibility of a 3,600 mAh battery to obstruct. In addition, the Koreans adapt to also subtly rounded back of Note 5, whereby the Galaxy S7 Edge a little bit better is still in his hand. We are talking about nuances, much more is needed, but also in terms of design. The Galaxy S6 Edge’s basically already a pretty good phone. Where the new Edge generation a little diva is back: The glass back is prone to fingerprints, a microfiber cloth, you should always carry. Disturbing was last year and the protruding camera that now sticks out only 0.4 millimeters, so that means you have to hold the phone already vertically right to interfere with the lens. But Samsung can score with his 1,7er aperture and dual-pixel autofocus at night? And you can use it to make really crystal clear underwater shots? Finally, Samsung has therefore chosen not to a type-C connector.

S7 display and battery: AMOLED and 3,600 mAh a dream Kombi

From a 799-euro phone offers a flawless screen and Samsung have never had in this category yes problems. The Quad HD standard with a 2,560-x-1.440er resolution provides as usual for a very sharp image of what the screen but apart is the color reproduction. In basic mode, the S7 Edge colors of the standard sRGB color space are very close shows.Moreover, the AMOLED technology ensures that contrast and brightness are retained, no matter from which angle you look at it. This is not true for color accuracy, the colors change greatly by tilting the smartphone. For the Galaxy S7 Edge is pretty good in direct sunlight, as the phone has built sensors that automatically hochschrauben the brightness and contrast. However, AMOLED has an advantage, because the technology is very energy efficient, because it illuminates only individual pixels. So you can move through the always-on feature allows the phone in standby, but still the time Display the date and the calendar can be (but strangely no dates, which seems to be still a bug). That sounds like a small thing, but is very battery-friendly, as demonstrated in the test. On average, we achieve around 6 hours and 11 minutes screen-on time. A theoretical statement, because hardly anyone is using his phone permanently six hours a day. We have looked for the test on one day, for example two episodes House of Cards on Netflix, surfed on Youtube, have emails checked, run benchmarks, Twitter, Facebook and Skype used for calls. On a normal working day with regular calls, the use of Twitter and e-mail clients, and rather lower Youtube / video consumption, the battery shows after one day 18 hours 16 minutes even 12 percent. were used alternately LTE and Wifi, Auto Brightness and Full Power. Unfortunately, no Quick Charge 3.0 is still supported, but Samsung’s Adaptive Charging technology charges a whopping 40 percent in half an hour, round 90 to 120 minutes you should set aside for loading from 0 to 100 percent.

S7 – Performance: New King in Androidreich

Even the Galaxy S6 has fetched a whopping 75,401 points in AnTuTu benchmark, the S7 Edge now has the new Exynos 8890, which pretty much makes known everything behind;134 710 points in the average of five test runs is already an impressive value. Thus the S7 Edge is not quite, but almost twice as fast as its direct predecessor. At the start you notice the little, the differences will be around 1.5 seconds – the S7 Edge takes about 22 seconds until the home screen, the S6 Edge + 23.5 seconds. We have ever made a phone into the right and left hand, so that the start buttons were pressed simultaneously. In addition, both phones were loaded with the same apps. The course corresponds to any laboratory test, just so you have a benchmark. Even gaming fans can look forward, Asphalt 8: Airborne invites in nine seconds. The S6 Edge it needs a Sekündchen longer. From the frame rate and playability you will hardly notice differences. There is simply currently no Android games that could utilize the Exynos seriously. Also, the S6 Edge had no problems with GTA: San Andreas, Real Racing 3, NOVA 3 or Modern Combat 5: Black Out.Interestingly it will come with GearVR, where it currently still a lack of graphically intensive games here. Eve: Gunjack from the creators of Eve: Valkyrie that you inserted into the turret and more is a rail shooter Experience, is currently the greatest feeling of particle effects. We can only hope that games are ported to GearVR by the launch of Oculus significantly more triple-A-type, who can use the power of today’s phones also.However, the positive side, the heat generation: Samsung uses a heatpipe that is similar to the Lumia 950 XL and works very efficiently. After a game Asphalt 8, the S6 Edge + already at 40 degrees was the S7 Edge remained considerably cooler with 26 degrees.

S7: Here all benchmarks in the overview

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
AnTuTu 134 710 75,401
Vellamo Metal 3,564 2,581
Base OS Mark II 1,761 1,790
Geekbench 3 single-core 2,319 1,466
Geekbench Multi-Core 6,270 4,973
GFXBench Manhattan T-Rex HD 52 37

S7 – Camera: Made for the night

The exciting thing about the new camera is the dual-pixel autofocus with 12 megapixels and the 1,7er bezel. So Samsung moves the megapixel number down, but the pixel size to 1.4 microns high and revised its focus mechanism. A traditional autofocus sensor uses only a very small number of pixels for the so-called phase detection, while the dual-pixel sensor uses 100 percent of all the pixels. The word dual-pixels is because each pixel of the image sensor has two photodiodes. This makes the autofocus massively faster, according to the benchmark CamSpeed ​​needs the S7 Edge 1.5 seconds to trigger. The 0.6 seconds faster than the S6 Edge +. Also HDR photos are shot rapidly, 1,6 seconds a top value, for the direct predecessor takes 2.7 seconds. If you are interested in what the new 360-degree camera Gear360 so high has it, we recommend the Oscar-video . Youtube star Casey NeistatBut Youtuber and ambitious filmmakers benefit: focus on an object on a table, for example, a glass, and then swing over to a bottle of champagne, presents the Galaxy S7 Edge quickly despite the reflections and easily sharply. Sets a person at the table and do a quick pivot, pull traditional autofocus sensors to often. The video is then briefly blurred, you have to cut first and can not upload directly to Facebook or Youtube it.

This eliminates the S7, you can directly start a Youtube Live Feed even from the menu. Too bad, however: While photographers with professional settings are happy, can video artist having recourse only to the automatic mode and choose between 1080p / 30fps, 1080p / 60 fps and 720/240 fps for slow motion. For photographers fast autofocus is exciting, for example, to capture water fountains, people or animals that move. The photos then convince with their high dynamic range, powerful but natural looking colors and very high sharpness. You can trim images easily afterwards without losing details. While the S6 Edge fray images when shooting at night and they can sometimes appear slightly grainy, the S7 Edge takes even with very low light very bright acting photo, the images retain their texture and color fidelity. Light sources such as LED bulbs or fire are highlighted toasty, but not outshine the human skin. Particularly good and clean the camera LED signature elaborates on transactions, but without the building to take its natural color. Whether it so now is significantly better than the also good competition iPhone 6S Plus and the previous kings of the night, the Lumias, but a matter of taste.

Camera Benchmark CamSpeed

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
take Photo 1.5 seconds 2.1 sec.
record HDR photo 1.6 sec. 2.7 sec.

S7 – The extras: waterproof for the pool and useful Edge Features

Unfortunately Samsung omitted the Type-C port that supports USB 3.1 theoretically significantly faster. The reason lies in the water resistance, which is really impressive with the Galaxy S7 Edge. You might want to make one call in the shower or take the phone in the pool. The video quality underwater is surprisingly good, we could not detect any differences. A nice feature, especially for the holidays. However, you must not take into the salt water, the telephone, because that might be too aggressive for Body and display occasionally. And if you are not just Youtuber, you should not bathe in Cola, although that also survived, as XeeTechCare has tried. Samsung truly make an impressively robust phone built, because the same Youtuber won the S7 Edge frozen – even this torture has survived the smartphone easily. Also to the Edge tiles have Samsung’s software teams working and come up with some nice ideas. You can store contacts for quick access here constantly display the current Twitter trends or stock prices. It would be nice, however, if Samsung would accommodate here, for example, a menu for professional settings of the camera.Photographers could then use the whole screen and make your settings on the Edge. After all, here can be stored, for example, for the panorama mode shortcut keys. The actual operating system based on Android 6.0.1 marshmallow, but the Koreans integrate a lot of useful features such as multi-window, a one-handed mode and a Quick button for the camera. Players can also via the game launcher email / Facebook / Twitter notifications and calls block. The app is designed clever, you can take it directly to 1080p and also block the Back and Home screen button. Thanks to the volcano API allows the frame rate from 60 to 30 runtersetzen, even if the current state of technology of Android games for the Galaxy S7 Edge will probably long be no need.

S7 – Conclusion: The best but also most expensive Android phone in the market

The S6 Edge was a really good phone, with the S7 Edge delivers Samsung now a smartphone very close to perfect from. It is rapidly and currently you will not find a match, what the Exynos 8890 brings a sweat. The battery life is excellent, the handset keeps depending on usage by up to two days and the processing has succeeded.The device has no edges and is a real flatterer, much better that goes barely. However annoying is the susceptibility of the back for fingerprints, here the Koreans have yet to find a better solution. We were impressed by the water resistance and video quality under water, which is really a nice feature for the holiday. And the very good camera that not only has an excellent auto focus, but also at night textures good works out, the skin of people not überbleicht how many colleagues of the competition and, for example, luminous displays very sharp captures without affecting their color outshines the whole picture , The 799 Euro purchase price without a contract are steep, the S6 Edge + would be an alternative. You pay around 550 euros , but get only half the performance of the new flagship.

10 WhatsApp tips en trucs die u moet weten

March 25th, 2016

Toen Instagram werd gekocht door Facebook voor $ 1000000000 , de media ging noten. Maar dat was niets vergeleken met wat Facebook gekocht Whatsapp voor – een gierend 19000000000 $ . Dit breaking news kwam dagen nadat Viber werd gemeld te zijn gekocht door Japanse online retailer, Rakutenvoor een fractie van het prijskaartje: $ 900.000.000 . En dan te bedenken dat we onze hoofden werden krassen op Snapchat draaien van Facebook’s $ 3000000000 aanbod . Dat is een veel nullen.

Whatsapp , één van de meest populaire mobiele messaging app , geconfronteerd met felle concurrentie van de wil van WeChat (die enorm in China en de regio Azië-Pacific) en lijn (die haar heeft een eigen pretpark ), maar hield zijn grond met zijn vele functies die zorgen voor gebruikers een veilige, betrouwbare en praktische messaging ervaring . Met dat in gedachten, hier zijn een paar tips, trucs en apps om meer uit Whatsapp te krijgen.

1. verbergen “Laatst gezien” Tijdstempel

Standaard WhatsApp toont een “laatst gezien” tijdstempel, vertellen andere gebruikers de laatste keer dat je op WhatsApp. Sommigen van u zou willen dit tijdstempel uit te schakelen , om redenen van privacy. U kunt deze timestamp op zowel iOS en Android uit te schakelen.

Als u een iOS-gebruiker bent, heb je geluk, omdat alles wat je hoeft te doen is gaan naar Instellingen> Chat Instellingen> Geavanceerd en stel Laatst gezien tijdstempel naar Off .

Als u een Android-gebruiker bent, zult u geen toegang tot deze instelling uit de app zelf te hebben. In plaats daarvan zul je een beroep moeten doen op eenderde app zoals verbergen WhatsApp Status . De app schakelt de WiFi en data-verbinding wanneer u WhatsApp opent .

Zodra je de app afsluit, worden uw WiFi en dataverbindingen gereactiveerd, WhatsApp zal synchroniseren en je berichten worden verzonden.

2. backup en restore WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp maakt automatische back-ups van uw chats, maar u kunt ook een handmatige back-up te maken. Op iOS, is het Instellingen> Chat Instellingen> Chat Backup , tikt u op Back Up Now .

Op Android, ga naar Instellingen> Chat-instellingen en tik op Back-up gesprekken om een backup te maken. Dit zal niet een backup van je media, zodat je nodig hebt om een file manager gebruiken om de media mappen kopiëren / sdcard / WhatsApp / Media .

Er is geen manier om chats direct herstellen van WhatsApp, dus als je wilt een back-up te herstellen zul je moeten verwijderen en opnieuw installeren WhatsApp . Wanneer u WhatsApp na de herinstallatie te starten, wordt u gevraagd om uw meest recente back-up te herstellen. Volg gewoon de procedure en je chats moeten allemaal terug.

3. Sluit uw WhatsApp

Iedereen, op een bepaald punt of een ander, heeft waarschijnlijk te maken gehad met vrienden of familie die een voorproefje van hun WhatsApp berichten.Gelukkig, als u WhatsApp op Android of BlackBerry, zijn er apps die kunnen helpen bij de beveiliging van uw WhatsApp tegen nieuwsgierige ogen .

Als u gebruik maakt van Android, is er WhatsApp Lock , terwijl de BlackBerry-gebruikers zullen willen controleren Slot voor WhatsApp .

Kortom, beide apps werken op vergelijkbare wijze: wanneer u ze gebruikt, zal WhatsApp worden door een PIN beschermd (in het geval van WhatsLock) of een wachtwoord (in het geval van Lock voor WhatsApp). Hoe dan ook, als je eenmaal dingen opgezet hebben, de mensen om je heen moet niet in staat zijn om een sneak peek langer te nemen op je WhatsApp.

4. Maak Snelkoppelingen Voor belangrijke contactpersonen

Wilt u de snelheid van uw WhatsApp communicatie ? Hoe zit het met het maken van een snelkoppeling naar uw favoriete Whatsapp contactpersoon of groep direct vanaf je homescreen?

Op Android, dit is zo eenvoudig als het lang drukken op de groep of contact met u op wilt een sneltoets voor maken. Wanneer het menu verschijnt, tikt u gewoon op Add gesprek snelkoppeling . Dit zal een snelkoppeling naar de contactpersoon of groep die u hebt gekozen op uw homescreen te creëren.

Dit gedrag is niet beschikbaar op WhatsApp voor iOS, maar u kunt een app van derden te gebruiken, zoals 1TapWA dezelfde functies op je iPhone. Omdat het een app, 1TapWA heeft ook een aantal extra functies, zoals een foto-editor en een actie scheduler .

5. Stop WhatsApp Beelden uit te zien zijn in Gallery Of Filmrol

Het hebben van WhatsApp afbeeldingen in uw Galerij of Filmrol kan erg vervelend zijn; misschien de beelden zijn enigszins privé, of je gewoon niet willen met deze beelden rommel-up van uw Galerij of Camera Roll. U kunt dit op te lossen op zowel iOS en Android.

Op iOS, het is vrij eenvoudig; ga naar Instellingen> Privacy> Foto’s en schakel de WhatsApp uitgeschakeld.

Op Android, moet je een .nomedia bestand aan te maken in WhatsApp’s afbeeldingen of video directories. Om dit te doen, een file explorer moet je zoalsES File Explorer . Navigeer naar de foto’s of video mappen. Tik op de New knop in de linkerbenedenhoek, kies Bestand en maak een bestand met de naam .nomedia . Dit zal de Gallery te stoppen van het scannen van de map.

6. Verander je WhatsApp telefoonnummer

Als u telefoonnummers hebt veranderd, maar dezelfde telefoon bewaard, uhoeft niet te verwijderen en opnieuw installeren WhatsApp alleen maar om nummers te veranderen. Er is een instelling binnen WhatsApp waarmee je je WhatsApp-account migreren naar een ander telefoonnummer.

Ga naar Instellingen> Account> Nummer wijzigen . Voer uw oude telefoonnummer in het bovenste veld en daarna uw nieuwe telefoonnummer in het onderste veld. Druk vervolgens op Done . Controleer uw nieuwe telefoonnummer, en al uw chatgeschiedenis, groepen en ga zo maar door zullen worden gemigreerd naar het nieuwe nummer.

7. Installeer WhatsApp op een Android Tablet

WhatsApp is gebouwd voor telefoons en is intelligent genoeg om te weten wanneer je probeert het uit te voeren op een tablet, maar er zijn manieren om dit. Ten eerste moet je de laatste versie te grijpen van de WhatsApp .apk.Bezoek de officiële site met Chrome of Firefox en het verzoek van de desktop-versie van de site, die zal u toelaten om de .apk direct te downloaden .

Download dan SRT AppGuard . Installeer beide.

Run AppGuard eerste. Selecteer WhatsApp van het Dashboard en druk opMonitor . Zodra AppGuard gebeurt het opzetten van de monitoring, scroll naar beneden en schakel lezen telefoon status en identiteit onderTelefoongesprekken . WhatsApp moet nu op uw tablet. Om WhatsApp te activeren, kunt u gewoon gebruik maken van uw vaste lijn en hebben WhatsApp u bellen met de drie-cijferige verificatiecode.

8. WhatsApp Chat Heads Op Android

Een van de beste dingen van Facebook Messenger is de chat-heads-functionaliteit. We hebben gesproken over het brengen van chat-heads functies voor SMS eerder , maar nu kun je ook chatten koppen voor uw WhatsAppgesprekken ook, met behulp van WhatsApp Chat Heads . Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, de app werkt samen met WhatsApp te chatten hoofden toe te voegen voor uw gesprekken.

De chat hoofden zijn enigszins klantgericht, en u kunt specifieke LED kleuren, kennisgeving geluiden en een praatje hoofd kleuren voor elk van uw contacten.Een ding om bewust te zijn van, echter, is dat de app vereist root-toegang .Plus, het is ook nog steeds in beta, zodat u wat kleine problemen hier en daar kunnen tegenkomen.

9. Get Messaging Statistieken Op Android

Dit zal u zeker interesseren als je de statistieken geek, of gewoon iemand die geïnteresseerd is in het vinden van u en uw vrienden zijn ‘WhatsApp gewoonten. WhatStat biedt informatie voor statistieken, zoals uw top vrienden, vrienden van’ meest actieve tijden van het en groepen ‘ dag, evenals bericht distributie voor zowel één-op-één en de groep chats.

WhatStat presenteert al deze informatie in gemakkelijk te begrijpen visualisaties die volkomen logisch om iedereen zal maken. Niet meer specifieke aandacht te besteden aan die gesprekken initieert of wat een goed moment om de boodschap iemand; WhatStat zal voor u doen dat al.

10. Get WhatsApp meldingen op Desktop

Als je ooit een WhatsApp-bericht hebt gemist tijdens het werken op uw bureaublad, dan weet je hoe vervelend het kan zijn. Als u gebruik maakt van Android, zijn er een paar manieren om ervoor te zorgen dat u een WhatsApp-bericht nooit meer te missen . U kunt gebruik maken Pushbullet , waarop de kennisgeving mirroring naast een heleboel andere functies omvat, maar als alles wat je wilt is meldingen op uw computer, check out Desktop Meldingen . Whatsapp hacken